Reserving your GoldenQuest®Puppy

Steps to follow if you are considering a GoldenQuest® pup.


  1. Read over the litter information page carefully. The parents and details of their health clearances can be viewed at the “Our Dogs” link. Most if not all of your questions should be answered by these pages. We have dogs in Germany, Finland, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada, and all over the USA. We occasionally sell dogs to quality dog breeders. Most of our pups are sold as pets and are covered by our Pet Contract. If you live within an hours drive of Lexington, KY, we would encourage you to consider our Guardian Program. We would love to help you get the dog of your dream.
  2. View the photos of the puppies.
  3. We try to update photos every 3-4 weeks. We will post updated photos and have a telephone or email conference when it’s time to select your pup, at 6-7 weeks. We will let you select from the available pups, as long as the pup you want is appropriate for your family.  About a week before the puppy goes to its new home, we make final home going arrangements, including shipping, if needed. For the pup’s safety, we don’t allow visitors until they have been vaccinated for parvo at around 7 weeks.
  4. Please be prepared to pick your pup when it is your turn to pick. There are usually others anxious to pick. If you are unavailable or unresponsive, you will lose your pick for that litter.  As people in front of you get their pick. you will move your way up the line, so it is likely you will have first pick of the next litter. You won’t lose your deposit. Please be prepared to pick your puppy up or have us ship your pup at 8 weeks. We give you a week to pick up your pup. After a week boarding fees will apply.
  5. Please review our web site closely.  We have a FAQ page.  We try to answer all your questions on our web site so we ask that you review it to become informed..  We do want all of your questions answered so feel free to call or e-mail us. Once you decide you want to adopt a GoldenQuest® pup, we would like to talk on the phone with you. We can be contacted at 859 887 3647 or at We want to feel comfortable that a pup is a good choice for your family and the puppy.  If we are comfortable after the phone conversation, we will officially accept a $500 deposit to reserve your pup.  The deposit can be sent snail mail to the address on the contract or we will accept a $515 paypal deposit where $500 will go towards the purchase of the pup. The deposit isn’t refundable, so please don’t send in a deposit unless your sure you want a pup. We will also need two signed copies of the contract. Please understand that quality pups are hard to find and that often our pups are adopted quickly. We can’t hold a pup without a deposit.  We reserve the right to refund a deposit in full anytime we feel that the placement of a pup is not in the puppy’s or owner’s best interest.  All pups must passed its final temperament and health check before it can go to its home. We want the puppy you adopt to be a perfect fit for your family and to become a valuable member.
  6. We also offer both standard shipping ($400 domestically) or a Custom Courier Service (domestically and internationally) where we can hand carry your pup to your airport.  If your pup will be flying internationally there paperwork and vaccine protocols specific to your area will need to be followed.


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